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There is a great demand for qualified rental housing professionals. With property values and owners’ liability on the rise, untrained housing providers present an increasing vulnerability for owners, management companies, residents, and the community.

CAA strives to provide these tools to individuals at all levels of the rental housing industry and to promote property management as a viable and gratifying profession.

Management & Operations

Managing a rental property can be both challenging and rewarding. Property Management is an honorable profession that enables people to call their residence their home. Behind any good home are sound management and operations skills that are taught at CAA University. When you look at the life cycle of a tenant, you must understand all of items that impact their life in their home. It starts with appropriate budgeting and implementing property strategies, to the screening of tenants and dealing with conflict both among tenants and between the tenant and management and finally working effectively with tenants who have decided that it is time for them to find another home. CAA Management and Operations classes teach you the fundamentals of management and operations, as well as provide you the confidence you will need when working in this exciting and rewarding industry.