The clock is ticking: Plumbing code change now less than four months away


Less than four months remain before a California plumbing code change bans water-wasting fixtures in older multifamily housing.

The code change comes from Senate Bill 407, a water-conservation law that’s been rolled out in phases since 2009. The phase taking effect on Jan. 1 applies to pre-1994 multifamily housing and commercial buildings.

Since the mid-1990s, California has required that all plumbing fixtures sold within the state meet water-conserving benchmarks. So if you’ve replaced your fixtures since that time, you are likely in compliance.

But if your apartment building was built before Jan. 1, 1994 — and you still have some of the original and very “experienced” toilets, shower heads, and aerators in place — your building is about to fall out of code.  Single family homes were required to change their plumbing fixtures on or before Jan. 1, 2017.

As I wrote in my column a few months ago, SB 407 compliance flows for these devices should …

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