Santa Rosa facing final decision on rent control, just cause


The Santa Rosa City Council on Tuesday, Aug. 16, will review ordinances intended to impose permanent rent control and just-cause eviction policies on the city’s rental housing providers.

Currently, certain Santa Rosa housing providers are subject to a rent increase moratorium until Oct. 4, 2016. If rent control passes a “first reading” on Aug. 16, and is adopted on Aug. 30, a continual and permanent 3 percent cap on annual rent increases will be in effect beginning Sept. 29, 2016. View the draft ordinance here.

Although Santa Rosa voted to pass a just-cause for eviction ordinance on July 19, the council failed to garner the necessary four votes needed for adoption on Aug. 2. As a result, the just cause eviction ordinance will be reconsidered at the Aug. 16 meeting. If passed at this meeting, the just cause measure will be enacted 30 days later, on Sept. 15. Just-cause eviction policies require rental property owners to prove “cause” in court or before a political body every time they need to remove a problem resident.

The city’s current rent-increase moratorium, draft permanent rent control ordinance and the just-cause eviction measure applies to multi-family housing built prior to 1995. Exempted are single-family homes, condos, duplexes, and owner-occupied triplexes.

CAA North Coast opposes any form of rent control and just-cause eviction measure and is actively working with local housing providers, business organizations and various stakeholders to defeat the proposed rent control law in Santa Rosa.

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