San Francisco rents up? Yes, but not across the board, website says


Overall, San Francisco rents were up 2.74 percent last year, but not every neighborhood contributed to that statistic, according to the real estate website Zumper.

In some areas of San Francisco, rent prices were either flat or veered the other direction.

Check out the color-coded map with this article.

It shows rents spiking dramatically in some neighborhoods, such as Soma and Bernal Heights, but decreasing in other parts of The City. The Financial District, for example, dropped more than 10 percent in rents, according to the map.

But much of the media talk centers instead on rents in traditionally popular, tech-trendy neighborhoods, Taylor Glass-Moore, Zumper co-founder and chief operating officer, said in this story by Madeline Stone.

“Yes, tech is driving demand and prices for apartments, but only in specific neighborhoods,” Glass-Moore said in the article. “A lot of focus is placed on SOMA or the Mission where a lot of tech workers have moved, but that’s not representative of the city as a whole. There are plenty of neighborhoods where people aren’t wearing Google Glass and jumping into a Google shuttle.”