Tell our city council: We need more housing, not a housing policy that benefits a select few

The U.S. Census Bureau reports over two-thirds of all apartment owners in the United States are individual property owners renting to their neighbors—not big corporations. For these folks, their rental income helps support their families, sends their children to college and provides security in retirement.

Recently, the San Jose City Council began to discuss the expansion of rent control to address San Jose’s housing challenges. Quite simply: there is not enough housing for everyone who wants to live in our great city.

But, instead of focusing on productive solutions to expand the supply of housing, the City Council is proposing a path forward that will not only hurt the small property owners in San Jose, but it will also hurt renters, the very folks it intends to help. Studies on the effects of rent control show that it makes it harder for working families to find homes by increasing the competition for available properties.

San Jose deserves real solutions to our housing challenges. Sign up here to stay informed on San Jose housing policies and to say to our City Council: We need real and positive solutions for our community’s housing challenges — not harmful policies that will set the city and its residents back.


Aug. 9

San Jose rent control brochure updated

The California Apartment Association has updated its local compliance brochure for San Jose’s rent control ordinance, which the city made stricter effective this summer. Updates to CAA’s “Guide to Rent Control in San Jose” reflect lower maximum annual rent increases on rent-controlled units, an interim change that could become permanent.

MAY 24

Earlier rent control changes ratified for San Jose

Stricter rent control limits in San Jose will take effect June 17 – many months earlier than expected. Under the changes, owners can raise rents on rent-controlled units by 5 percent per year. That’s down from the current 8 percent.

MAY 13


Stricter rent control in San Jose is now scheduled to take effect next month, but much unfinished business remains in revising the city’s long-standing rent law. On Tuesday, May 10, the council voted 9-2 to implement its upcoming 5 percent annual cap on rent increases beginning June 17. The current limit is 8 percent.

April 20

San Jose approves stricter rent control

San Jose’s long-standing cap on rent increases will soon get tighter. On a 6-5 vote, the San Jose City Council early Wednesday approved lowering the maximum annual increase on rent-controlled units from 8 percent to 5 percent. This will affect about 43,000 units, or one-third of the city’s rental housing supply. The changes are expected to be ratified later this year and take effect no later than Jan. 1, 2017.

March 10

Vital meetings on rent control coming next week to San Jose, Mountain View

The window is quickly closing for rental housing owners to voice their opposition to stricter rent control in San Jose. The San Jose City Council is expected to vote on a harsher version of its current policy April 19. Before it does, the city next week will hold one more committee meeting on the issue.

March 3

San Jose would face stricter rent cap under city staff proposal

Rental property owners in San Jose would face a more stringent cap on annual rent increases underdraft recommendations released by the city’s housing department. Housing officials Tuesday recommended moving from the current 8 percent limit on annual rent increases to a model based on the rate of inflation.

Nov. 25

San Jose committee on rent regs to reconvene for final comments

A task force that’s held a series of meetings on San Jose’s rent control policies will reconvene in early December for final comments on the matter. The Advisory Committee for the Apartment Rent Ordinance will gather from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. Wednesday, Dec. 7, at City Hall, 200 E. Santa Clara St.

Oct. 15

CAA calls on members to speak against harsher rent control in San Jose

San Jose’s Rent Control Advisory Committee will meet again Saturday morning to consider a proposal threatening to rental property owners. Between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. Oct. 17, the committee will discuss a proposal to reduce the current 8 percent maximum allowable rent increase to as low as 2 percent.

Sept. 29

San Jose rent control meetings begin

June 22

Call to Action: Demand a Fair Process in San Jose

On Tuesday, June 23, the San Jose City Council will decide if making amendments to the rent control ordinance should be a priority for the coming fiscal year.Some of the proposals include:

  • Reducing the maximum allowable rent increase from 8% to 4%
  • Enacting a Just Cause Eviction Ordinance
  • Requiring rental owners to accept Section 8 vouchers

June 19

San Jose holds off on rent control decision

The San Jose City Council this week delayed a decision on tightening its rent control policies, but the issue is coming back in just a few days.