Update: Public comment period on San Jose rent control law extended to Sept. 22


San Jose rental housing owners and managers now have until Sept. 22 to voice opposition to proposed changes to San Jose’s rent control law.

The public comment period regarding the changes originally was set to expire Sept. 14 but has been extended to Sept. 22.

“The city of San Jose needs to hear from you that the latest round of proposed changes to the city’s Apartment Rent Ordinance are excessive and not necessary,” said Anil Babbar, vice president of public affairs at CAA.

Among other things, the Housing Department’s draft ordinance would:

• Reduce the allowable annual rent increase rent cap from 5 percent to the inflation rate (currently 3.4 percent).
• Limit the ability of a landlord to pass utility costs to tenants.
• Increase the fees landlords pay on each rent-controlled unit.

A draft of the proposed ordinance can be found here.

The California Apartment Association’s Tri-County office urges owners and managers to tell City Council members why they should oppose the Housing Department recommendations, particularly on the rent cap and the elimination of utility billing pass throughs.

Below is a letter that you can use either as is or modify as you see fit.

Instructions for submittal:

1) Copy the letter down below and paste it into an email

2) Copy the following email addresses and paste it in your TO box:
ARO@sanjoseca.gov, rachel.vanderveen@sanjoseca.gov, jacky.morales-ferrand@sanjoseca.gov, cityclerk@sanjoseca.gov, District1@sanjoseca.gov, District2@sanjoseca.gov, District3@sanjoseca.gov, District4@sanjoseca.gov, District5@sanjoseca.gov, District6@sanjoseca.gov, District7@sanjoseca.gov, District8@sanjoseca.gov, District9@sanjoseca.gov, District10@sanjoseca.gov, mayoremail@sanjoseca.gov

3) Send email

For questions, contact Anil Babbar at 408-342-3509 or TC_Public_Affairs@caanet.org


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