Palm Springs votes to ban gas-powered leaf blowers, exempts other models at urging of CAA


With the help of the California Apartment Association, landscapers in Palm Springs can continue to use electric and battery-powered leaf blowers in the city — good news for rental property owners wanting to keep their communities looking sharp.

The City Council on Wednesday considered banning all types of leaf blowers but decided on a 3-2 vote only to prohibit gas-powered models, phasing them out by 2019.

CAA opposed prohibiting any type of leaf blower in the city.

“Such a ban would add significant costs towards maintaining rental housing,” Ben Benoit, vice president of CAA in the Inland Empire, wrote in a letter to the council. “At a time when cities are looking at ways to address the issue of rising rents, increasing yet another cost of operating rental housing seems counter to the public policy goal of creating more affordable housing,”

While the use of gas-powered leaf blowers will be eliminated, the exemption of all other types of leaf blowers marks a victory for the association.

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