Nominating Committee Report to the Membership


The 2017 CAA Nominating Committee, chaired by Tom Scott, CPM, (Cambridge Management Company, Inc., Santa Clara) hereby announces the slate of candidates for seats on the 2018 CAA Board of Directors.

Voting is scheduled to open to the members of the California Apartment Association on or about Tuesday, September 26, 2017.

Independent Rental Owner Classification:

Marj Mancuso, TOMAR Properties

Owner/Management Company Classification:

Joshua LaBarge, Quality Management Group, Inc.

Corporate Member Classification:

Dana David, J. B. Matteson, Inc.

John Eudy, Essex Property Trust

John Millham, Prometheus Real Estate Group, Inc.

Chris Scroggin, Prime Residential

Linda Zeller, Gerson Bakar & Associates

Associate Member Classification:

Derek Strader, Out-Fit


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