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An emergency just-cause-for-eviction ordinance is off the table in San Mateo — at least for now. On Tuesday, the San Mateo City Council decided not to take up a just-cause-eviction emergency ordinance on Sept. 21. Such a policy hinders a landlord’s ability to rid communities of dangerous tenants, such as suspected drug dealers. Mayor Maureen Freschet, Deputy Mayor Jack Matthews and Councilman Joe Goethals noted that considering a just-cause-eviction ordinance now would be premature. Moreover, they indicated it would circumvent the process established by the City Council to have a collaborative and objective discussion of possible solutions to the city’s… Read More

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At its 7 p.m. meeting Tuesday, Sept. 8, the city of San Mateo will consider a request from Councilman David Lim to introduce a just cause eviction emergency ordinance. If the request is approved by the City Council, the item will advance to the Sept. 21 public hearing, where the ordinance can be officially voted on. If agendized and approved on Sept. 21, a just cause eviction emergency ordinance could take effect immediately and will apply to ALL rental housing regardless of size, type or year built. The draft ordinance is available here. CAA Tri-County strongly opposes Just Cause Eviction.… Read More

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The latest incarnation of Richmond’s rent control ordinance would have tenants and landlords sharing the administrative costs of the program. An earlier version of the ordinance, passed July 21, would have required landlords to bankroll the rent control program on their own, even if they have no rent controlled units. Administering rent control is expected to cost Richmond up to $2.2 million per year. Landlords would be billed between $170 and $230 per unit annually. At a special meeting Friday, however, Vice Mayor Jael Myrick proposed allowing property owners to pass 40 percent of those costs to tenants. “We should… Read More

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Despite repeated demands from renter groups over the past year, the Burlingame City Council last week declined to move forward with an eviction-for-cause ordinance. The ordinance was one of several proposals being considered during a study session. Other ideas from Mayor Terry Nagel included a mediation program and requiring property owners to pay relocation assistance for tenants who get a 60-day notice to terminate a tenancy. Despite the public and local rental owners having roughly 72 hours to respond to the July 13 meeting, CAA Tri-County assembled a small coalition of local rental owners and Realtors to attend the meeting… Read More

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