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Tenant advocates have filed preliminary paperwork to place a rent control measure before voters in the city of Sacramento. The initiative would amend the city charter to impose inflation-based rent control and “just cause” eviction policies in the capital city. Under the measure, the rent charged as of Feb. 20, 2018, would serve as the base rent. Maximum annual increases would then be tied to the consumer price index. The measure would also create a nine-member rent control board, require landlords to pay an annual rental housing fee, and establish relocation assistance for displaced tenants.

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Over the objections of CAA and its members, the Santa Cruz City Council on Tuesday imposed interim emergency rent control and just-cause eviction ordinances, effective immediately. Although most attendees objected during public testimony, the council voted to instate a temporary 2 percent cap on rent increases for all apartment buildings built before 1995, with exemptions for condos, townhouses and single-family homes. The council also approved a temporary just-cause ordinance that applies to all housing, including single-family homes and accessory-dwelling units. The only exemption to the just-cause ordinance is for those who own only one rental unit. Landlords with maintenance costs… Read More

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Lawmakers have proposed a trio of bills that would hamper the ability of landlords to evict tenants. The most sweeping of the three bills would impose “just cause” eviction policies statewide, another would expand the notice requirements for removing tenants under the Ellis Act, and the third would delay the eviction process for tenants who are delinquent on rent. The “just cause” bill comes from Assemblyman Rob Bonta, D-Alameda, and is expected to be introduced today. Under the legislation, rental property owners could only proceed with an eviction after providing the tenant with a written notice outlining the reason for… Read More


An effort to place rent control and eviction controls before Long Beach voters will soon enter the signature-gathering phase. On Tuesday, the Long Beach city attorney gave petitioners the green light to begin collecting signatures for a measure titled the Long Beach Rent Control Ordinance.

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The Santa Rosa City Council scrubbed a scheduled vote on eviction controls this week, citing a conflict of interest among three council members. The council Tuesday took no action on a proposed urgency ordinance that would have immediately imposed just-cause eviction regulations in the city.

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Update: The Marin County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday, Dec. 12, formally adopted a mandatory mediation program to handle disputes over rent increases.

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After several meetings involving the California Apartment Association, a landlord-tenant task force in Santa Barbara has agreed to take eviction controls and mandatory apartment inspections off the negotiating table.

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Tenant advocates in Long Beach have launched a campaign to place a rent control measure before voters next year. On Wednesday morning, a representative from Housing Long Beach filed preliminary paperwork to qualify a rent control initiative for the November 2018 ballot.

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Pacifica voters on Tuesday, Nov. 7, overwhelmingly rejected a ballot measure that would have enacted both rent control and eviction controls on multifamily housing in the city. Measure C went down in defeat, with 62.03 percent of the vote cast against the proposal. This marks the third time a rent control ballot measure has been resoundingly defeated in San Mateo County. Last year, voters of San Mateo and Burlingame overwhelmingly rejected rent control. CAA is pleased that voters have rejected a law that would have been disastrous for the city. If implemented, the program would have cost Pacifica nearly $2… Read More

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The city of Palo Alto on Monday, Oct. 16, will consider studying the possible adoption of a rent control ordinance. Council members Lydia Kou, Karen Holman and Tom DuBois issued a proposal to study whether Palo Alto should: Cap the annual rent increase by a certain percentage Institute a just-cause eviction ordinance Study other open-ended renter protections Palo Alto’s high housing costs can be traced to the city’s inability to meet the demand for housing.

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