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Owners of rent controlled housing in unincorporated areas of Los Angeles County will be hit the hardest under newly approved rental registration fees. The annual fees include $90 for buildings covered by the county’s rent control ordinance and $30 on all other buildings. The county Board of Supervisors approved the charges Tuesday, despite opposition from the California Apartment Association. The fees apply in areas of the county that aren’t in any city jurisdictions.

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The Rancho Cordova City Council is expected to approve several changes to its rental housing inspection program, including increases in the fees charged to property owners. The council will consider the increases next month and, if approved, the new fees will be effective for 2020. City staff recommends an increase in the existing rental code-compliance fee from $10 per unit to $16 per unit — the same amount charged by the city of Sacramento and Sacramento County. The city of Citrus Heights charges a fee based on the number of dwelling units at a property, ranging from $17 to $27… Read More

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To jumpstart affordable housing construction, the Sacramento City Council this week voted to waive development impact fees on new projects, a move supported by the California Apartment Association and other business organizations. The fee waivers will reduce, for example, the cost of a 200-unit multifamily housing development by as much as $2.6 million, an amount that helps cover the funding lost when redevelopment agencies, a primary source of financing for affordable housing, were eliminated during the recession. “Increasing the supply of affordable housing is the single best approach to solving our housing crisis,” said CAA senior vice president Jim Lofgren.… Read More

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Property owners can now charge a rental applicant up to $46.67 to cover screening fees, such as a credit check and time spent gathering information on the prospective tenant. The new maximum fee, permitted since December 2015, is 68 cents higher than last year’s fee and is based on changes in the Consumer Price Index. Members can follow this link for a more in-depth explanation of what owners can do – and what they can’t – related to application charges.


For a community to stamp out crime, it takes all kinds, from street cops to soccer coaches to neighborhood watch captains. They’re the pillars of crime suppression, intervention and prevention. These front-line crime-fighters need back-up, so to speak. Keeping criminals behind bars and at-risk youth on the right path costs money. And in Antioch, the City Council made the right move last month by asking voters to help raise the needed dollars. The California Apartment Association applauds the council’s unanimous vote to place a half-cent sales tax on the November ballot. This offers a community-wide opportunity to tackle a community-wide… Read More

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