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A bill working its way through the California Legislature would create a $500 million tax credit aimed at keeping housing affordable. AB 2058 by Assemblyman Jesse Gabriel, D-San Fernando Valley, would create the Affordable Housing Preservation Tax Credit to incentivize property owners planning to sell rental housing or mobile-home parks to prioritize selling to experienced affordable housing entities that will keep the units affordable.   Assemblyman Jesse Gabriel


A Los Angeles city councilman wants to use eminent domain to prevent rents in a Chinatown building from returning to market rates after a 30-year wait.   A motion by Councilman Gil Cedillo asks staff to return in 30 days with recommendations for acquiring Hillside Villa, where rents on 59 affordable units are scheduled to adjust to market rates in September.

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Gov. Gavin Newsom this month signed more than a dozen CAA-backed bills intended to address California’s chronic housing shortage. The bills will help remove local barriers to housing construction, boost incentives for building higher-density affordable housing, and make it easier and cheaper to add second units to residential lots. Gov. Gavin Newsom “We’ve invested more in new housing than at any point in our history, and we have created powerful new tools to incentivize housing production,” Newsom said in this news release.  “Now, we are removing some key local barriers to housing production. This crisis has been more than a… Read More


Now that California has adopted the nation’s most sweeping statewide tenant protections, it’s time to fix the root cause of our housing crisis – a chronic lack of supply, said Tom Bannon, chief executive officer of the California Apartment Association.  Gov. Gavin Newsom today signed Assembly Bill 1482, making California the second state in the union to impose a statewide cap on annual rent increases.   The legislation was framed as an anti-gouging measure targeting the most egregious rent hikes, such as increases of 50% to 75% on existing tenants.   The California Apartment Association, which opposes rent control, took a neutral position after… Read More


The city of Long Beach released a report this week on a potential affordable-housing mandate for new developments. The mandate could come through an inclusionary-housing ordinance. Such ordinances require a portion of units in new developments be priced at below-market levels.

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The California Apartment Association’s Tri-County division has announced it will donate $30,000 to help Silicon Valley families avoid homelessness and to provide quality affordable housing. Attendees of CAA Tri-County’s Charity Golf Tournament pose for a photo by Daniel Gaines Photography. CAA Tri-County raised the money through its 30th annual Charity Golf Tournament on June 13 in San Jose. The funds will go to the Housing Industry Foundation, which provides one-time grants to help families at risk of homelessness, renovates affordable-housing units and helps families find affordable housing units in either Santa Clara or San Mateo counties while providing them with… Read More

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Gov. Newsom this week signed legislation that will provide dollars for housing while also imposing penalties against cities that refuse to build their fair share. The legislation, Assembly Bill 101, is a trailer bill, meaning it followed the main budget bill already signed by the governor this summer. Among other things, the bill specifically allows for fines of up to $100,000 per month if a city fails to comply with the state’s housing element law. That law mandates that cities plan for and deliver housing at all levels of affordability for their residents. About 40 California cities are out-of-compliance with… Read More


Long Beach may soon require that new developments in the city include a certain amount of affordable housing.   That mandate could come from an inclusionary-housing ordinance. The city commissioned an economic feasibility study on the policy and recently finished community workshops on how inclusionary housing might be applied in Long Beach.    

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The Sacramento City Council on Tuesday voted to push forward with a temporary mediation program to address high rents while housing supply catches up with demand. The program now moves to a second hearing set for April 23. The mediation program is included in the Tenant Protection and Relief Act introduced last year by Councilman Steve Hansen, Vice Mayor Eric Guerra and Councilman Rick Jennings.

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Employing a new law supported by CAA, the Newsom Administration has sued a Southern California city for allegedly stifling the production of low-income housing. On Jan. 25, Gov. Gavin Newsom announced his approval of legal action against Huntington Beach, claiming that the city in Orange County has squelched the construction of affordable housing while also refusing to meet regional housing needs. “The state doesn’t take this action lightly,” Gov. Gavin Newsom said in this news release. “The huge housing costs and sky-high rents are eroding quality of life for families across this state. California’s housing crisis is an existential threat… Read More

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