Several more cities this week approved stopgap ordinances to begin enforcing elements of Assembly Bill 1482 before the statewide rent control and “just cause” eviction law takes effect Jan. 1. 

On Monday, the municipalities of Redwood City and Daly City, both in the San Francisco Bay Area, approved measures that prohibit no-cause evictions on housing that will be covered by AB 1482, the newly approved statewide rent-cap legislation. In Southern California, the city of Bell Gardens also approved a stopgap measure Monday.  

On Tuesday, the city of Santa Cruz on the Central Coast adopted an urgency just-cause measure during a special council meeting. While this ordinance mirrors the just cause provisions of AB 1482, it also applies retroactively to Sept. 1 of this year. The retroactivity is void, however, if a final judgement on an unlawful detainer has already been made or if the tenant has already vacated the property before the ordinance passed.  

Each of the stopgap measures approved this week took effect immediately and expire Dec. 31.  

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