Legal Q&A: Tenant brought in roommate and then left town


Question:  I have a tenant who is on a long-term lease. Recently, however, the tenant brought in a roommate and has been out of town for over 30 days.  I am concerned that the roommate intends on staying and that my original tenant may have moved out for good. What are my legal options?

Answer: If you have a clause in your lease which prohibits the assignment or sublet of your lease agreement, you do not have to consent to the roommate. You could ask the roommate to fill out an application to rent and thereby identify who the roommate is. Once identified, you could choose to either allow the roommate to live there if he meets your qualifications, and sign the lease or start eviction procedures based upon the breach of the assignment and sublet clause of your lease.

Question: Someone told me that if a resident is committing a crime on the premises they can be evicted in three days. I have never heard of this law and I rent to someone I suspect is dealing in drugs. Can you tell me more about it?

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