Legal Q&A: Is there a minimum type size for leases?


Question: If a tenant gives a 30-day notice on the 15th of the month, is it legal to charge them the full rent for the next month and return the prorated remainder of the rent once they have turned in the keys?

Answer: No, they are only required to pay the pro rata portion of their rent for the next month.

Question: Is there a mandatory, minimum, type size for leases?

Ted Kimball Kimball, Tirey & St. John LLP

Ted Kimball
Kimball, Tirey & St. John LLP

Answer: No, but the larger the font size, the better.  Also, if you have an automatic lease renewal provision, it must be in at least 8-point font and bolded.

Question: This month’s rent check from a tenant had a second name printed below the tenant’s name on the upper left corner of the check. If I cash the check for this month’s rent, am I changing the terms of tenancy?

Answer: The mere fact that another person is listed on the check does not change the terms of the tenancy.  You should inquire about the other person or find other ways to determine if there is an unauthorized occupant, and if so, either have the extra person apply for residency or serve a 3-day notice to perform covenants or quit.

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