Learn to leverage Disney-style customer service at your apartments


For more than 80 years, The Walt Disney Co. has been synonymous with excellence in customer service. 

It turns out that Disney’s approach to keeping customers happy works in multifamily-housing, too. On Oct. 17, you can learn all about it.

Bruce Kimbrell

Bruce Kimbrell

The California Apartment Association and Tonusa will welcome Disney Institute to CAA South Coast’s Lunch Club for a workshop on “Disney’s Approach to Quality Service.”

In his 90-minute keynote, cast member Bruce Kimbrell will use the Disney model to show attendees how to consistently exceed customer expectations.

As part of the Disney Co., the institute energizes organizations with “time-tested best practices, sound methodologies, and real-life business lessons.”

The event runs from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Radisson Newport Beach. For registration information, click here.

A special thanks goes to event sponsor Tonusa, which manufactures high-quality Euro-contemporary bathroom vanities and kitchens.

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