Giving a ‘just cause‘ notice is required for terminating all tenancies


Question: Where can I find CAA’s just-cause termination notice form?

Answer: This has been a common question on CAA’s Landlord Helpline, given that the COVID-19 Tenant Relief Act of 2020 (CTRA) requires landlords to provide residents with a “just cause” when they terminate a tenancy. The just-cause requirement applies to all tenancies — even those not covered by the just-cause provisions of AB 1482, the new statewide rent cap law. For example, CTRA provides just-cause protections to tenants no matter how long they’ve lived in a unit, while AB 1482 limits just-cause protections to residents in place for a year or more. Also, CTRA applies its eviction protections to tenants living in single-family homes and apartments built within the past 15 years, while AB 1482’s just-cause protections do not apply to this housing segment.

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