Fremont City Council to hear research report on rent control, ‘just cause’


The Fremont City Council on Tuesday will hear a consultant’s report and staff recommendations on rent control and other policy options for addressing rising rents in the city.

The Rental Housing Association of Southern Alameda County, a chapter of CAA, is urging its members to attend the meeting and speak out against the draconian, unnecessary policies being considered.

In addition to rent control, the consultant’s report examines “just cause” eviction policies and possible revisions to the city’s existing rent mediation program.

The meeting is scheduled for 7 p.m. July 11 at City Hall, 3300 Capitol Ave. Following recommendations from city staff, the council could take action on one of the policy options.

In 2016, after city staff presented preliminary research on rent control and just cause, the city brought on the consulting firm Management Partners to perform more in-depth research, including the identification of possible options for the city outside the current mediation process.

Management Partners also has conducted research for the cities of San Jose, Santa Rosa and Richmond, all of which later approved either new or stricter rent control policies.

The firm’s report on Fremont, Rent Control and Just-Cause Eviction: Review of Programs, is accessible here.

Rental housing owners and managers interested in attending Tuesday’s meeting can email RHA Executive Director Bill Mulgrew,, for more information.

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