Real Life Examples & Explanations from Experienced Attorneys

If you’ve ever asked any of the questions below our Fair Housing: Questions Answered could help guide you out of stress and into success.

With a comprehensive approach to all fair housing topics, our guest attorney’s delve into the most asked after questions relating to fair housing and give you a legal approach on how to move forward.

  • Just how many “assistive” animals can a resident have?
  • How is  hoarding a protected mental disability?
  • Can my tenant move in her sister and five children? When I can I say no?
  • Can I set rules to protect the lawn from tenants’ children?
  • My residents want to smoke marijuana in common areas. Do I have to allow this?
  • Am I required to take Section 8?
  • Can I deny tenancy to all felons?
  • Am I required to check the immigration status of residents?

Topics include:

  • Assistive animals
  • Hoarding,
  • Occupancy standards,
  • Rules regarding children,
  • Marijuana,
  • Section 8,
  • Criminal background checks,
  • Immigration status


  • Clifford E. Fried is a Bay Area attorney with expertise in landlord-tenant law, difficult evictions and rent control.  He has processed over 10,000 evictions in his career and has authored hundreds of articles on landlording. He is a partner at Fried & Williams LLP where he and his firm focus on real estate transactions, trust, estates, probate, and litigation matters. Fried & Williams LLP have law offices in Oakland and San Francisco where they provide legal services to real estate professionals, developers, property owners and landlords.
  • Lynn Dover is the managing Partner of the Fair Housing Practice Group at Kimball, Tirey & St. John LLP, a full service real estate law firm.  She specializes in fair housing consultation, letters, legal opinions, lease and document reviews for fair housing compliance and training on fair housing issues. She is also an experienced trial attorney, having handled residential unlawful detainer trials for 9 years before joining the firm in 2002.
  • Moderator: Heidi Palutke, Education, Policy and Compliance Counsel, California Apartment Association

Original Broadcast Date: April 2017
On-Demand Cost: $49 CAA Member/ $89 Non-Member
Estimated Course Length: 1 Hr.

Qualifies for 1 Unit of CCRM Continuing Education Credit for current CCRM Certified Individuals.