In 2016 and 2017, CAA fought rent control ballot measures in seven Northern California cities. While CAA defeated rent control in most jurisdictions, rent control won passage in two cities. Efforts are now underway to place rent control before voters in several cities in both Northern and Southern California.

With this rising threat of rent control, California’s state law limiting rent control, the Costa-Hawkins Act, is more important than ever. The Costa-Hawkins Act protects property owners of all sizes from radical, local rent control measures.

Note: this class will not provide information about how to comply with any particular rent control ordinance, the information in this webinar is intended as a general overview of rent control laws and how they affect rental property owners.

Take Away Points:

  • This webinar will address the key features of rent control ordinances and how they affect rental housing owners,
  • as well as how the Costa-Hawkins Act protects rental housing owners from the most extreme forms of rent control.


Debra Carlton, Executive Vice President, State Government Affairs and Compliance, California Apartment Association

Debra L. Carlton is responsible for planning and implementing strategy for all legislative and regulatory issues of interest to members of CAA. She serves as the association’s chief legislative representative and is a registered lobbyist. Prior to her present position, she worked for the Sacramento law firm of Weintraub, Genshlea and Sproul, providing legal and legislative research for the real property section of the firm. Carlton holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science from the University of California, Davis, and a master’s degree in public administration from Golden Gate University, San Francisco.

Whitney Prout, Policy and Compliance Counsel, California Apartment Association

Whitney Prout advises CAA’s state and local public affairs teams, develops CAA’s education and compliance materials, assists members on CAA’s Helpline, and represents the interests of CAA members on regulatory issues. Prout has extensive experience advocating on behalf of rental housing providers throughout California in litigation and compliance matters, as well as legislative and regulatory fora.

Original Broadcast Date: May 2018
On-Demand Cost: $10 CAA Member/ $20 Non-Member
Estimated Course Length: 1 Hr.

Qualifies for 1 Unit of CCRM Continuing Education Credit for current CCRM Certified Individuals.

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