City of San Diego approves Section 8 mandate


Starting in 2019, all rental property owners in the city of San Diego will be required to accept Section 8 housing vouchers.

The mandate comes under an ordinance approved Tuesday by the San Diego City Council. The policy change requires landlords to consider for tenancy all people with the ability to pay for a given unit, including those who would pay rent using Section 8.

While the California Apartment Association encourages voluntary acceptance of federal housing vouchers, it opposes legislation that mandates their acceptance.

Council members supporting the ordinance argued that …

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  • I am in LA county and allowed section 8 30 years ago in my single family homes. It was very difficult to work with the Housing Authority. The checks were late all of the time. It took six months before I got the first check, and I was lied to about the total amount of rent I would receive. I did not see any paperwork for the first three months. They never spelled my name correctly on the checks, they did not inspect the damage done by the tenant, nor was I reimbursed for the damage that was done. Evicting a section 8 tenant requires a six month process, and they renew the contract annually, as I was told by a social worker, “whether you like it or not – you have nothing to say about it”.

    One tenant told me I would be paid more if I paid for the water; yet she was doing laundry for people, washing cars, and she built an above ground swimming pool in the backyard, thereby ruining the landscaping. An additional $25 was washed out literally by a $600 water bill. Drugs were sold at this home also.

    Perhaps if more responsibility were on the tenant, more landlords would consider this program. Not me. Never again.