City of Sacramento seeks input for eight-year housing plan


The city of Sacramento wants community input as it updates its housing strategy for the next eight years.

To gather that feedback, the city has created a Virtual Community Plan Area Workshop. The workshop includes multiple-choice surveys asking residents to choose the best policy options to achieve the following:

  • Increase overall housing production
  • Increase affordable housing production
  • Advance equity and inclusion
  • Protect residents from displacement

Each survey includes about a half-dozen policy actions, and survey participants are asked to choose their favorite three. On the anti-displacement survey, for example, potential policy actions range from enhancing rent stabilization and eviction protections to funding rental assistance for low-income households.

Participants can also make their own policy suggestions for each survey area.

The virtual workshop is open until Tuesday, Oct 20.

The city will use the information gathered to create its housing element for 2021-2029, part of its general plan.

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