Call to action: Help stop rent control in Richmond


As the push to adopt rent control and just-cause eviction in Richmond gains traction, it’s vital that members of the rental housing industry band together and voice their objections.

Members can fight these flawed policies by either emailing City Council members or attending the Tuesday, July 21, council meeting.

Advocates for rent control certainly will mount a show of force, wearing yellow shirts, carrying signs and raring to testify. They’ll come from groups such as the Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment, Contra Costa Interfaith Supporting Community Organization, Tenants Together and labor unions.

The California Apartment Association’s membership must also make a showing, and we must be loud and clear in our argument that rent control is unfair and has a failed track record.

Rent control is a hot topic in several municipalities in the Bay Area, and it’s been brewing for months in Richmond. If it’s approved here, the rent control movement gains dangerous momentum.

Action of some kind is likely July 21. CAA’s mission is to convince the council that the Rent Mediation Board Ordinance – not rent control and just-cause eviction — is most viable for the city.

At this time, the swing vote is Councilman Jael Myrick. The best outcomes for CAA include the council either choosing the Rent Mediation Board Ordinance or adopting no measures.

But we cannot afford to skip this meeting and hope for the best.

Dear Mayor Butt and Councilmembers:

I (or we) take great pride in providing quality, safe housing for Richmond residents and are very concerned about the lack of affordable housing in Richmond.  As the OWNER/MANAGER of INSERT PROPERTY NAME(S) or ADDRESSES we operate approximately XXXX units of rental housing and work hard to ensure we comply with all local, state, and federal laws governing rental housing.  We recognize that housing prices in Richmond, like many cities across the Bay Area, continue to rise.  We value our residents and try to work with them when they face increased housing costs during the lease renewal process.

I hope that as you consider the two rental ordinances on July 21st you will focus on meaningful solutions to the housing challenges and look at all the facts and data before making a serious decision that will impact the city’s future housing and business growth.

If you vote on one of these two ordinances this evening I (or we) encourage you to support the Rent Mediation Board Ordinance.

Thank you for your consideration and continued commitment to the city of Richmond.




Council contacts:

Thomas K. Butt, Mayor:, 510-620-6503
Jael Myrick, Vice Mayor:, 510-620-6636

Council members:

Nathaniel Bates:, 510-620-6743
Jovanka Beckles:, 510-620-6568
Eduardo Martinez:, 510-620-6593
Gayle McLaughlin:, 510-620-5431
Vinay Pimple:, 510-412-2050

Forward this message

Share this alert with other Richmond rental property owners to make them aware of this issue.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact CAA Contra Costa Napa Solano Division, Theresa Karr, Executive Director 925.746.7131 ext. 3634.

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