CAA’s marijuana bill advances to Assembly floor


A CAA-sponsored bill clarifying that landlords can prohibit renters from smoking marijuana in apartments passed a key committee this week.

The bill, AB 2300, advanced Tuesday from the Assembly Judiciary Committee on a 10-0 vote. The next stop for the bill is the Assembly floor.

Assemblyman Jim Wood

Assemblyman Jim Wood

“This is about protecting families that live in close proximity to others,” the author of the bill,  Assemblyman Jim Wood, D-Healdsburg, said in a statement. “Second-hand smoke can be a real problem, especially for families who live in apartments or other multi-family residences.”

In 2011, the California Apartment Association sponsored, and the state Legislature overwhelmingly passed, legislation to allow rental property owners to prohibit the use of tobacco within rental properties.

Given the fact that state law has decriminalized the use of marijuana for medical purposes, AB 2300 makes clear that property owners can still ban the smoking of cannabis just as they can ban the smoking of tobacco. AB 2300, however, does not address the consumption of medical marijuana in noncombustable forms, such as edibles. Wood elaborates on this point in the video below.



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