CAA wins more positive amendments for water sub-meter bill


Over the past week, the California Apartment Association has negotiated more positive amendments into Sen. Lois Wolk’s bill on water sub-meters, resolving one of the rental housing industry’s biggest concerns: penalties.

Under new changes to SB 750, all penalty provisions have been removed. Those terms would have imposed attorneys’ fees and penalties against landlords and their billing agents if they failed to follow the provisions of Wolk’s sub-meter legislation, even if minor missteps were made.

In addition, the author has agreed to extend the sub-meter installation requirement for an additional year – to 2016. Moreover, the parties have agreed to add wording to further clarify that the bill does not apply to ratio allocation systems, or RUBS.

CAA continued negotiating with Wolk after her bill stalled in an Assembly committee last week, with legislators pointing to lingering concerns among rental housing leaders.

Additional amendments are anticipated as CAA continues to work with the senator and sponsors of SB 750. Watch for updates.

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