CAA updates forms for 2017


The California Apartment Association has updated its month-to-month rental agreement and lease agreement to address California’s legalization of recreational marijuana use.

CAA added wording to these agreements to prohibit the smoking of marijuana in rental housing. Click here for an FAQ on the legalization of recreational marijuana, which came with the passage of Proposition 64 in the Nov. 8 election. The agreements also now contains provisions for banning the use of electronic cigarettes, also known as vaping, as well as a mandatory bedbug notice.

These revisions, plus updates to several other forms, are in response to court cases, laws taking effect in January 2017, as well as member requests. Finally, CAA has two new forms – a storage addendum and a long-term guest addendum.

A complete list of changes to forms appears on the Forms Change Chart, and all forms are accessible through our rental forms page.

Members can now download new and revised forms and access the fill-in versions via Forms R Us.

Forms also are available for nonmembers to purchase.