New, revised forms here for 2014


The CAA Compliance Committee has created three new rental forms and revised more than a dozen existing forms and related instruction sheets. Amendments to forms followed changes in the law, members’ requests or both.

All are accessible through our rental forms page.

Summaries of the three new forms: 

  • Form 20.0 Notice of New Owner/Agent. This form is designed to provide notice of where to pay rent and who the agent is for service of process when the property is sold or changes management. Failure to provide this information promptly can limit the owner’s ability to evict for non-payment of rent.
  • Form 19.1 48 Hour Notice of Entry – Initial Inspection. This form provides the required 48-hour notice of entry prior to conducting the pre-move-out inspection requested by the tenant. This type of notice was previously included in the general notice of entry form (Form 19.0), which is now limited to 24-hour notices.
  • Form 19.2 Notice that Property is For Sale and Will be shown. This form notifies the resident that during the next 120 days the property may be shown to prospective purchasers on 24 hours oral notice. The instructions provide information about the recent court decision holding that Sunday is a “business day” for the purpose of real estate open houses.

CAA has also made significant revisions to Form 21.2 Resident’s Thirty Day Notice of Termination – Domestic Violence and other Special Circumstances. The protections originally placed in the law have been extended by the Legislature in recent years to victims of elder abuse and abused dependent adults.

Effective 2014, the protections also apply to victims of human trafficking. The form, including the form name, has been revised to reflect this change. In addition, effective 2014, a tenant may provide documentation from certain qualified third parties to support the notice of termination, instead of a police report or restraining order.


  • Thanks for the new forms! Has a Rental Increase Letter just for Oakland been made? That would be SO helpful.

  • We’re working on it and expect to add it to our library of forms sometime in the first quarter of 2014.