CAA taps RentSpree as new tenant-screening partner


After an exhaustive search, the California Apartment Association has selected RentSpree as its new tenant-screening provider.

RentSpree specializes in one area — residential screening — and offers a client-driven approach to its services.

With RentSpree, CAA members won’t have to have personal background checks or physical inspections of their offices to run screening services.

Members can start using the service in just 60 seconds and access the following from each applicant:

  • Completed rental application
  • Verification of tenant identity
  • Credit report and score
  • Eviction history

Implementation of the new screening service will roll out over the next three months, with a full suite of services available by the end of June. Members, however, can start using the service now.

Access RentSpree either through the CAA website or

For updates on the roll-out of RentSpree features, visit CAA’s resident-screening page.

For assistance directly from RentSpree, call (323) 515-7757.


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