CAA-sponsored voter-threshold bill heads to Appropriations Committee


Assemblyman Miguel Santiago

A CAA-sponsored bill that would raise the voter threshold for approving local, citizen-driven no-growth ballot measures passed the Elections and Constitutional Amendments Committee. The bill, AB 943 by Assemblyman Miguel Santiago, D-Los Angeles, is now in the Appropriations Committee.

With AB 943, it would take at least 55 percent of the vote to pass any citizen-driven local ballot measure that stops housing development within a city. Currently, such measures can win approval at the ballot box with a simple majority. The bill would apply the higher approval threshold to local, no-growth measures that reach the ballot through voter signature-gathering efforts. It would not apply to measures placed on the ballot directly by city councils or county boards.

While many local governments are devoting large amounts of energy and attention to the issue of increasing housing production, there are others that have been unable to do so – due to either a lack of will by the local legislative body or by constituent groups within those localities.

AB 943 would limit the abilities of those individuals or groups who wish to deter housing development at the local level to implement development moratoriums or to further stymie statewide efforts to lift Californians out of poverty and into better socio-economic circumstances.


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