Judge denies preliminary injunction to halt Richmond rent control


CAA remains committed to overturning Measure L

The California Apartment Association remains undeterred this week after a Contra Costa County Superior Court judge denied its motion for a preliminary injunction to halt enforcement of rent control in Richmond.

Richmond’s rent control law appeared on the November ballot as Measure L and won approval despite a strong opposition campaign spearheaded by CAA.

“We are disappointed with this week’s ruling but remain committed to overturning Measure L, which has a number of legal flaws, including violations of the U.S. and California constitutions,” said Joshua Howard, CAA’s senior vice president for Northern California.

Superior Court Judge Judith S. Craddick’s denial of the preliminary injunction says the association did not show that Measure L imposes irreparable harm to its members.

CAA’s lawsuit, however, points to many other legal problems with Measure L, charging that it is unconstitutionally vague, violates the Constitution’s due process clauses and runs counter to California’s Fair Employment and Housing Act.

At this point, CAA will confer with its legal counsel regarding Judge Craddick’s order and assess its options for stopping enforcement of Measure L while the lawsuit works its way through the court system.

A hearing to discuss next steps in CAA’s lawsuit is set for 9 a.m. March 3.

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