CAA provides Moderate Democrat legislators update on Ellis Act


The California Apartment Association briefed the Moderate Democrats Caucus in the State Assembly this week about threats to the Ellis Act and the importance of preserving the state law.

On Tuesday, about a dozen of the lawmakers heard from Tom Bannon, CAA’s chief executive officer, and Shant Apekian, vice president of public affairs.

Passed by the State Legislature in 1985, California’s Ellis Act provides that no local government can require a rental property owner to continue to offer his or her housing for rent.

Some San Francisco officials and tenant rights organizations want the Legislature to amend the Ellis act to prohibit rental property owners from going out of business.

They erroneously blame the Ellis Act for a housing crisis in San Francisco.

However, the numbers don’t support that assertion: In 2013, The City had about 120 Ellis Act evictions. That comes to about 1 in every 1,460 rent-controlled units.

In the months ahead, CAA will continue to defend the Ellis Act, while debunking myths about the state law.