CAA minimizes fee increases for Sacramento County rental housing inspections


The California Apartment Association spent many years developing a good working relationship with the Sacramento County code enforcement staff. The effort continues to pay off for the industry.

One example is the recent agreement between CAA and county staff to limit an increase of the annual Rental Housing Code Compliance Fee to only 50 cents. If approved by the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors, the fee will increase by 3.2 percent, from $15.50 per unit to $16 per unit, effective January 2019. The fee funds the rental housing inspection program and had not been increased in over three years.

This particular fee only applies to rental properties in the unincorporated region of Sacramento County. Incorporated areas within the county may have their own rental housing inspection fees.

The small fee increase in the unincorporated county comes after CAA urged the code enforcement department to focus more attention on rental properties with serious code violations. The fines and administrative penalties assessed on owners of properties with significant code violations offset the department’s operating costs. As a result, the annual fee to fund the inspection program did not require a significant increase.

“We commend the staff of the Sacramento County code enforcement department for rewarding good rental owners with a minimal increase in the fee,” said Jim Lofgren, CAA Senior Vice President – Sacramento Valley. “They did a great job responding to our request to target the small percentage of rental owners who failed to properly maintain their properties.”

The Sacramento County Board of Supervisors is expected to approve the change in the fee in the summer. CAA will continue to monitor the fee-approval process and notify its members once the actual amount of the fee has been approved.

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