CAA leads fight against unfair Antioch tax


The California Apartment Association is working to defeat a November ballot measure that would levy unfair and exorbitant taxes that hurt both landlords and renters in Antioch.

CAA’s campaign, dubbed “No on Measure O,” includes a coalition of seniors, homeowners and local business owners.

However, this tax would not resolve the city’s chronic deficits — and is likely to be used for nothing more than City Hall salaries. Because Measure O was presented as a general tax, the City Council does not have to specify where or how the additional tax revenues will be spent.

Besides singling out one segment of the business community and its customers, Measure O – see our information sheet – comes less than a year after Antioch raised sales taxes through Measure C.

Prior to passage of last year’s Measure C tax increase, Antioch pledged to hire 22 new police officers and promised that Measure C would “turn Antioch around.” Yet today the police force is smaller, and Antioch is trying to convince voters that another tax hike is needed to cure the ills that have plagued that city.

Further muddying the city’s argument for Measure O, the Contra Costa Times reported in June that Antioch has a budget surplus, information supplied by the city’s own finance director.

The city of Antioch doesn’t need another tax: Read our ballot argument against it. Antioch needs City Hall to adopt a culture of honesty, fairness and honoring promises to taxpayers.

The bottom line: Antioch’s city leaders can’t be trusted to spend the money that Measure O would raise.

If Measure O passes, rents in Antioch will rise, hurting the city’s most vulnerable residents, especially retirees on fixed incomes.

Let’s not force seniors to choose between paying for prescriptions and paying their rent.

It is important that the California Apartment Association – and Antioch voters – defeat Measure O and make it clear to other cities that this is not a fair tax mechanism. Members interested in supporting CAA’s efforts should contact Joshua Howard, CAA senior vice president of local government public affairs, at 408-342-3507 or Theresa Karr, executive director of CAA’s East Bay Division, at 925-746-7131.

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