The California Apartment Association has launched a survey in its efforts to improve San Jose’s rental housing inspection program.

Specifically, CAA Tri-County wants to hear from owners of rental property in San Jose that have been placed in either the “Tier 3” or “Tier 2” code enforcement categories. 

Under San Jose’s Multiple Housing Program, apartment buildings are divided into tiers based on the number of violations per unit of the buildings.

Each tier has a different inspection cycle and fee structure, with the fewest inspections and lowest fees for Tier 1 and the greatest for Tier 3.

Although the city has posted an FAQ about the tier program and instructions for improving a building’s tier placement, advancing to a better tier has proved difficult.

CAA has held preliminary meetings with city staff to share concerns expressed by owners regarding the inspection program.

CAA Tri-County’s office now seeks further feedback from owners of Tier 2 and Tier 3 properties, particularly those who have attempted, with or without success, to move their property into the next tier. CAA wants to understand why some attempts have worked while others haven’t, and the explanations offered by the city. This feedback will help CAA develop proposals to streamline the existing program.

Please click the button below to start the survey. You’ll be asked to answer a few short questions on your experience with the Multiple Housing Program.