CAA creates new, revised forms for 2018


The California Apartment Association has published seven new rental forms and has updated many of its existing forms and instruction sheets.

CAA’s Compliance Committee made these changes based on new laws, member requests and questions submitted through CAA’s Landlord Helpline.

A complete list of changes appears in the Forms Change Chart, which can be found here.

Moreover, all new and revised forms are accessible through our rental forms page.

Here is a list of the seven new forms:

Form 11.2-SV: Three Day Perform or Quit- Monetary Breaches: This notice is served when a Resident has failed to pay amounts other than rent in violation of the Rental/Lease Agreement. This notice informs the Resident that the amount(s) must be paid within 3 days or the property surrendered. Proof of Service attached.

Form 33.1: Notice of Change of Payment Method: This form is used to allow the Owner/Agent to refuse personal checks or make other changes to the methods the Resident may use to pay rent. This form is used to notify a Res ident who was served at three-day notice to pay or quit, or whose check or other instrument was not honored that the allowed payment methods have changed.

Form 41.5: Third-Party Payor Agreement: This form can be used as the agreement for the Owner/Agent to accept payment from a third party (such as a parent of the Resident or a charity) without giving the third party the rights of a Resident.

Form 63.5: Parking Area/Garage Addendum: This agreement sets the rules and regulations for parking or garage spaces provided as part of the tenancy.

Form 65.0: Live-In Aide Packet: The purpose of this three-part forms package is to provide the Owner/Agent with a process for handling requests for reasonable accommodations relating to Live-In Aides (sometimes referred to as caregivers). State and federal fair housing laws require housing providers to make reasonable accommodations. A reasonable accommodation is a change in rules, policies, practices, or services so that a person with a disability will have an equal opportunity to use and enjoy a dwelling unit or common space.

Form 65.1: Live-In Aide Addendum: This addendum spells out the rules for a tenant who is allowed to have a live-in aide as a reasonable accommodation for a disability.

Form 66.0: Water Submetering Addendum: California law requires specific disclosures for all tenants in multifamily properties that include water submeters for each individual unit. This Addendum provides the disclosures regarding submetering that are required to be included in the Rental/Lease Agreement.

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