CAA blocks rent control in city of Anaheim


After hearing from CAA, the city of Anaheim’s Homeless Policy Working Group removed rent control as a possible solution to end homelessness.

During public comment Nov. 3, CAA addressed the Working Group about the ill-effects of rent control and the negative consequences that such a policy would bring.

CAA explained that rent control would shut down future housing developments and artificially increase demand for current market rate apartments, pushing rents higher, ultimately putting more people on the street.  CAA urged the Working Group – made up of members who serve on the City Council – to focus on increasing supply so that the city can meet the demand for housing.  In the end, the Working Group agreed and removed rent control from the list of policy recommendations.

Anaheim’s homeless problem became national news earlier this summer as a homeless encampment, stretching for miles along the Santa Ana River bank near Anaheim Stadium and the Honda Center, grew to more than 400 people. To address the issue, the City Council formed the Homeless Policy Working Group to discuss and recommend solutions to end homelessness.

CAA will continue to closely monitor city staff as they begin to analyze the Working Group’s homelessness policy recommendations.

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