Bill targeting cities’ failure to build housing advances from Local Government Committee


A bill heading to the Assembly floor would create a streamlined approval process for housing in cities that are not meeting their housing goals.

SB 35 by Sen. Scott Wiener, D-San Francisco, on Wednesday passed the Assembly Committee on Local Government and is now in the Assembly Rules Committee.

Sen. Scott Wiener

“SB 35 will make it easier and faster to build housing throughout California and will stop the obstruction of housing that is all too common in California,” Wiener has said in a news release.

Under SB 35, cities lagging behind their housing goals would need to streamline the developmental review process for housing projects that meet certain criteria, such as affordability, density and zoning standards.

Streamlined projects would be approved “by right,” meaning they would move forward without a drawn-out review process.

“A major impediment to the construction of more housing is an overly burdensome local approval process and resistance by local no-growth advocates,” CAA says in a letter supporting SB 35. “In addition, excessive litigation through CEQA process significantly increases the time and costs of constructing new housing.”



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