Audit: Landlord discrimination down, but customer service lags


why_didnt_you_call_meAn audit to test whether landlords are abiding by fair housing laws shows a decline in discrimination but room for improvement in customer service.

The 2011-2012 audit by ECHO Housing involved Latinos and non-Latinos calling landlords in several East Bay cities, according to this article in The Alamedan.

The idea: To see whether callers with certain accents got calls back from landlords.

“The 2011-2012 national origin audit testing represented the lowest amount of discrimination in ECHO’s history of conducting audits,” the 12-page audit said, according to The Alamedan.

While the “tester’s” accents had little influence over whether landlords called people back, only about half of calls were returned.

“We encourage agents, managers and landlords to provide better customer service to prospective tenants who call inquiring about available rental properties by promptly returning phone calls,” the survey says, according to the article.