Apartment execs to receive industry forecast based on ‘big data’ and ‘deep analytics’


Top Orange County apartment executives will receive a data-driven forecast on the rental housing market Thursday, Nov. 7, during an event co-hosted by the California Apartment Association and Competitive Analytics.

Attendees will include senior executives from companies such as Camden, Western National Group, E&S Ring, Sares-Regis, Far West, Avalon Bay, and others.

The invitation-only event, being held at Competitive Analytics’ DECIPHER™ Theater in Costa Mesa, will feature an interactive session with:

  • What-if? forecasts
  • Competitive submarket rankings
  • Provocative discussions of major apartment markets

“Industry leaders will gain deep data-based knowledge on pricing, budgeting and investment strategies,” said David Savlowitz, chief executive officer and founder of Competitive Analytics.

The niche business-intelligence company develops custom analytics, reports and forecasts using its business-intelligence process, DECIPHER™.

Since 2000, DECIPHER™ has provided business-intelligence to C-level and senior executives on a local, regional, national and global basis.

This type of big data and deep analytics are increasingly vital for making sound business decisions.

“The apartment industry is particularly starving for custom business intelligence solutions because of the ineffectiveness of traditional methods of analyses in optimizing rents, maximizing revenue and occupancy, and minimizing availability,” Savlowitz said.

“In essence, what DECIPHER™ APARTMENTS provides is the ‘Moneyball’ for apartment executives.”



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