Anaheim abandons per-unit inspection fee for landlords


Following negotiations with CAA, Anaheim won’t make landlords pay to have code enforcement officers inspect the city’s apartments.

Under an initial proposal, the inside-and-out inspections would have cost landlords $16 per unit and been a requirement to register rental housing with the city.

After talking with the California Apartment Association, the city opted to allow landlords to do self-certifications. This involves filling out a questionnaire that ensures best practices and declaring that each unit is free of hazards.

“We were happy that the city brought a lot of stakeholders together to look at the first draft, because it needed some work,” Tommy Thompson, executive director of CAA’s South Coast Division, told the Orange County Register. “We want the city to have the ability to deal with blight. It just needs to be done in the proper way.”

After a landlord fills out the question form, city staff will check each apartment from the outside and look for problems.

The city is working on a penalty schedule for landlords who fail to comply with the Anaheim Quality Rental Housing Program. Final adoption is expected in January.

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