2013 CAA Legislative District Leadership Conferences: Bringing it all back home


While the deadline to sign bills for the 2013 legislative session passed on Sunday, CAA’s commitment to building relationships with lawmakers is never done. Consider it a year-round endeavor.

Building on that effort, CAA’s 2013 political and legislative game plan included hosting a series of four Legislative District Leadership Conferences.

In this new endeavor, we tried four formats to bring together legislators and local government officials with our members and CAA’s local and state government affairs teams.

We did so in relaxed and comfortable settings away from Sacramento – and back where legislators call home.

Goals achieved

  • Impressed legislators, local government officials and CAA members with the strength and breadth of CAA’s advocacy and political reach, from the grass roots of their home districts, to the Capitol in Sacramento.
  • Gave CAA members and VIPs an opportunity to have an informative and respectful dialogue with state and local lawmakers on their turf, not the Capitol.
  • Built upon and cemented critical relationships with lawmakers.
  • Educated lawmakers about our issues and the many positive social and economic impacts of the rental housing industry in our communities — bringing it all back home.
  • Explored venues and formats, learning lessons for future conferences elsewhere in the state.

The four venues and formats

  • June 7, CAA AAGIE: Luncheon and panel discussion with state and local elected leaders, providing CAA industry leaders an inside view on state and local legislative issues affecting the industry and regional economy.
  • Sept. 27, CAA SAN DIEGO: Breakfast featuring San Diego-area legislators, with Keynote Speaker Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez and remarks from attending legislators.
  • Oct. 4, CAA LOS ANGELES: Breakfast featuring Los Angeles area legislators who enjoyed lively conversations with CAA members and public affairs staff, followed by remarks from the many attending legislators.
  • Oct. 11, CAA GREATER FRESNO: Breakfast featuring Fresno/Central Valley legislators and Fresno city officials, a keynote address by Sen. Andy Vidak, a CAA presentation of the highlights of key rental housing legislation this year, an update on Fresno City Council activities affecting the industry, and remarks from attending legislators.

Feedback from each venue’s participants — from legislators to CAA members — was that the events were enjoyable, informative and helpful.

Legislative staff in attendance remarked on how useful they found the “Meet CAA’s Public Affairs Team” brochure, which gave them contact and resource information for CAA’s state and local government advocates.

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